“Sankalp-2k16” State Level Intercollegiate Tournament from 15th to 17th December 2016

Registration fee details as follows
1. No registration fee for Technical events.
BOYS                                                          GIRLS
EVENT REG  .FEE                                  EVENT REG.FEE
CRICKET Rs. 500/-                                  KHO-KHO Rs. 200/-
BASKET BALL Rs. 400/-                          THROW BALL Rs. 200/-
KHO-KHO Rs. 400/-
VOLLEY BALL Rs. 400/-                            TT(DOUBLES) Rs. 50/-
KABADDI Rs. 400/-                                  CARROMS(DOUBLES) Rs. 50/-
TT(DOUBLES) Rs. 100/-                            CHESS Rs. 50/-
SHORTPUT Rs. 100/-                                RANGOLI Rs. 50/-
CARROMS(DOUBLES) Rs. 100/-                MEHANDI Rs. 50/-
CHESS & PAINTING Rs. 100/-                     PAINTING Rs. 50/-

2. The participant colleges have to submit their eligibility forms of their teams duly signed by the concerned principal before commencement of the matches and they have to bring their I.D. cards.
3. The participant teams have to play their matches with sports uniform only. Without sports uniform no will be allowed to participate.
4. All the matches will be played on knockout basis
5. The participants should maintain the discipline on the field and off the field during the tournament.
6. Umpires decision will be final and binding and any protest will not be entertained.
7. Teams should turn up for their matches before 30 minutes. If any team fails to turn up in time they will lose their match.
8. Un furnished lodging will not be provided to the out station teams.
9. The size of the teams should not exceed the actual number.
10. Extend your kind co operation to make the tournament a grand success.
11. Team should bring their own kit.
12. Awards: certificate, memento & Prize money.

Note: Registration at our College on or before 14-12-2016.

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