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Placement Records                                                          .,

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Placement Record for 2020-2021                                    .,

S NoCompany Name Eligible BranchesPackageSelected/Shortlisted
1TCSAll2.7 LPA1
2EleationCE ,ME 3RD YRSNA2
3EleationCE ,ME3.8 LPA5
4JEW Pvt LtdME1.2 to 4.2 LPA2
6Alliens GroupAll1.92 to 3.12 LPA21
7WiproAll3.5 LPA0
8ExtraMarksAllup to 12.24 LPA1
9MedicoAll Btech& Pharmacy& MBA1.8 to 2.2 LPA51
10TsystemsCSE3.5 lpa0
11Medha Sarvo DriveME,ECE,EEE3.5 LPA0
12HPEAll5.5 lpa0
13IBMDiversity2.9 LPA0
14Just DialAll2.9 LPA1
15Erwin70 thruout CSE3.5 LPAResult awaited
16GenpactAll1.8 to 2.9 LPAResult awaited
17NISUM70 thruout CSE3.00 lpa11
18ValueMomentumCSEn ECE3.00 lpaResult awaited
19Artech Info SolutionsCSE2.80 LPAResult awaited
20Netcon Software SolutionsAll except CIVIL2.20 to 2.40 LPA1
21Laxmi HundaiME1.2 LPA after training 1.8 LPA5
22Packet PrepAll Braanches2.4 to 3.5 LPA70 Shortlisted
23CIMTECH DEEE,DME1.2 to 1.8L PA18
24JEW Pvt LtdDCME DME DECE 1.2 to 4.2 LPA6
25CyientAll branches of Diploma12 TO 15 K PM98

Placement Record for 2017-2018-2019 Batch                  .,

SL.NOCompany NameEligible BranchesPackageSelected
1Tech MahendraAll Branches2.9 Lakh Per Annum4
2InfosysAll Branches3.0 Lakh Per Annum1
3VirtusaAll Branches3.5 Lakh Per Annum2
4CapgeminiAll Branches3.5 Lakh Per Annum3
5CognizantAll Branches3 Lakh Per Annum4
6AmazonAll Branches3.5 Lakh Per Annum11
7SutherlandPharmacy2 Lakh Per Annum24
8Fraction ItAll Branches2.5 Lakh Per Annum16
9GenpactAll Branches2.5 Lakh Per Annum7
10GMRCSE,ECE,EEE3 Lakh Per Annum4
11CtrlXCSE,ECE,EEE2.5 Lakh Per Annum*32
12Host AnalysistCSE,ECE5 Lakh Per Annum1
13C3ICSE,ECE,EEE4.5 Lakh Per Annum2
14CollederaCSE,ECE,EEE2.5 Lakh Per Annum6
15M RoadsCSE,ECE,EEE6 Lakh Per Annum2
16Happy MindsCSE,ECE,EEE2 Lakh Per Annum4
17Inspire Info LabCSE,ECE,EEE3 Lakh Per Annum3
18EIDIKOCSE,ECE,EEE2 Lakh Per Annum2
19EleationMECH4 Lakh Per Annum*4
20EffronicsCSE,ECE,EEE3 Lakh Per Annum*2
21Sattwa GlobalCivil4 Lakh Per Annum*2
22Tolmon R & DCSE,ECE,EEE15,000/- PM During Internship2
23Leghal AdvantagAll Branches2.5 Lakh Per Annum5
24VEDA ITDiploma/ CSE,ECE2.5 Lakh Per Annum2
25Media AssitPharmacy2.5 Lakh Per Annum2
26Omic InternationalPharmacy2.5 Lakh Per Annum2
27Transpac AsiaCSE,ECE,EEE,MECH3 Lakh Per Annum3
28GenesysCSE,ECE,Diploma2 Lakh Per Annum5
29Alien GroupCSE,MECH,EEE,ECE2 Lakh Per Annum8
30Randstand for SiaAll Branches2 Lakh Per Annum9
31Pinnacle GeneratorsCSE,Mech,EEE,Diploma2 Lakh Per Annum15
32HGSAll Branches2.5 Lakh Per Annum12
33FACEAll Branches2.5 Lakh Per Annum4
34Yana SoftwareAll Branches2 Lakh Per Annum19
35DelisisCSE,EEE,ECE2 Lakh Per Annum6
36J B ChemicalsPharmacy2.5 Lakh Per Annum5
37QuantronicsCSE,ECE,EEE2 Lakh Per Annum2
38BacerolCSE,ECE,EEE2 Lakh Per Annum2
39Star HospitalPharmacy2 Lakh Per Annum7
40C3IAll Branches4 Lakh Per Annum2
41TCSAll Branches3.5 Lakh Per Annum2
42VirtusaCSE,ECE,EEE3.5 Lakh Per Annum1
43EPAMCSE,ECE,EEE5 Lakh Per Annum1
44M ROADCSE,ECE,EEE5 Lakh Per Annum1
45WIPROAll Branches3 Lakh Per Annum1
46VEDHA ITCSE,ECE,Diploma3 Lakh Per Annum1
47CTRLXCSE,ECE,EEE,Diploma3 Lakh Per Annum4
48Allien GroupAll Branches2 Lakh Per Annum2
49EfftronicsCSE,ECE,EEE,Diploma2.5 Lakh Per Annum2
50Inspire Info LabCSE,ECE,EEE,Diploma3 Lakh Per Annum1
51Polmon R & DCSE,ECE,EEE,MBA2.5 Lakh Per Annum2
52G S LABCSE,ECE,Diploma4 Lakh Per Annum*6
53C3IAll Branches4.5 Lakh Per Annum3
54Medico IncAll Branches2.5 Lakh Per Annum28
55Creatic SolutionsAll Branches2.5 Lakh Per Annum11
56EidikoCSE,ECE,EEE2.3 Lakh Per Annum4
57Intellicraft SolutionsMech2.5 Lakh Per Annum2
58WestilineMech,Civil,EEE8 Lakh Per Annum0
59AmazonAll Branches4 Lakh Per Annum1
60GenpactAll Branches2.5 Lakh Per Annum11
61FaceAll Branches2.5 Lakh Per Annum6
62Surya TechnologieDiploma/B.Tech2 Lakh Per Annum32
63RandstandAll Branches2.1 Lakh Per Annum18
64EleationMech,Civil5 Lakh Per Annum1
65Gutsindia LtdMech,EEE,Civil,Diploma2.2 Lakh Per Annum5
66Media Assist IncAll Branches3 Lakh Per Annum29
67Randstand For siaAll Branches2.2 Lakh Per Annum2
68Fraction ITAll Branches2 Lakh Per Annum7
69Pinacle GeneratorsCSE,Mech,EEE,Diploma2 Lakh Per Annum5
70NTT DATACSE,MECH,EEE,Diploma3 Lakh Per Annum2
71HGSAll Branches2 Lakh Per Annum*12