Two days Workshop on Augmented and Virtual Reality on 2nd & 3rd Nov-18

A&V Relity-001Archimaze, a pioneer in 3D visualization, AR and VR content creating company, conducting a workshop for students covering the following topics: –

  • Introduction to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Overview of the industry leading content creating software Unity.
  • Creating their own Application on Unity. A hands-on experience of Virtual world in the Oculus Rift for the students.

This will be a wonderful experience for students and provide a suitable exposure to this nascent industry which can help them make informed decisions about their careers. AR and VR, as you know is the current buzz word across the industries like manufacturing, reality, and education to name a few. This technology can be used to effectively educate or train people on certain skills where the training if done in an actual environment would be very expensive (like pilot training) or hazardous (like emergency response). Similarly, this is a cost and time effective way of building prototypes and models to ensure users can experience the product better. Hence, it is imperative that the students be exposed to these upcoming new technologies for their bright future.

Why Unity 3D? Unity 3D is a powerful cross-platform 3D engine at the same time a user-friendly development environment. It is intuitive for a beginner and powerful for an expert. Unity should interest anybody who wants to easily create 3D games and applications for mobile, desktop, web and consoles apart from AR and VR content.

Why Archimaze? Archimaze, a well-known and respected 3D Design visualization company with more than 15 years of rich experience but with a different line of thought. We at Archimaze, believe in Research and Development as much as we believe in generating revenues and profits.In the last three years,we have invested more than half  of our resources in the latest technologies.

About the Speaker Mr.AnilKumar Allais an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the multiple sectors including IT. Currently, he is the head of the training division at Archimaze. He has worked in multiple roles like usability analyst, creative designer for game development, and was a VR entrepreneur for architectural and real estate visualizations delivering high quality products. He has unimaginable amount of experience in Unity 3D and Unreal Engine developing Virtual Reality content for Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Cardboard VR, AWS andWeb Technologies.

Student Benefits

  1. Real life experience and practical approach
  2. Industrial and corporate ready
  3. Letter of completion from Archimaze
  4. Scope and future of technology
  5. Ultimate VR experience on the Oculus

Professional fee


Training NO. of


Timings Workshop

Feein INR


Unity 3D Workshop





Rs 500/-

per Student




 Terms and Conditions

  1.  One MSI Laptop and Oculus Rift will be carried by Archimaze for the workshop
  2. One Trainer along with two employees of Archimaze will be present

Facilities to be provided by College Management

  1.  One Seminar hall with proper sound system and Wi-fi facility
  2. Students should carry their own laptop with Unity 3D installed and the prerequisites sent by Archimaze.