Executive Body

About Committee:

  • The Executive committee consists of Nine (9) members namely

a)President b) Vice President c) General Secretary
d) Joint Secretary e) Treasurer f) Executive Members

  • The Executive Committee shall be the supreme body in all the matters of the Association.


  • The quorum for the Executive Committee meeting shall be half of the total members.
  • For want of quorum or otherwise the meeting shall be adjourned to a subsequent date not earlier than two days. In such an adjourned meeting business will be transacted without quorum.
  • A notice of clear fifteen days shall be given to the members personally or by Registered Post or by Certificate of posting. The notice shall specify the date, time, place and business to be transacted.
  • No business other than the business included in the notice convening the meeting shall be discussed in the meeting except with the permission of the presiding officer.

Executive Committee

Sl.noName of the Office Bearers & S/o, D/o, W/o
R. Sushruth Reddy
S/o Janardhan Reddy
27President EmployeeH.No-2-1-164/2, Flat no: 501, Lakshmi Durga Residency, Nallakunta, Hyderbad.
2M. Hari Prasad
S/o M. Nagaraju
27Vice President EmployeeH. No. 7-186/3, Opposite to Andhra Bank, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist. 501301
3J. Mohan
S/o J. Venkataiah
25General SecretaryEmployeeH.No.4-56/19, Street No-1, NallavalaThanda, Talakondapally,
S/o T.R.KrishnaMurthy
42Join SecretaryEmployeePlot No-92, Hastinapuri Colony, Sainikpuri,
5V. Sandeep Kumar
S/o V. Satyanarayana
29Treasurer EmployeeH no- 8-35/1, Plot no-43, Flat no:202, Srinivasa Enclave, Hema nagar, R. R. Dist. -500039

Sl.noName in Block Letters &
S/o, D/o, W/o
AgeResidential AddressOccupation
1 B. Vijay Anand
S/o B. N. Murthy
48Flat no;301, Sri Sairam Apartments, Ramakrishna nagar, Baghamberpet,
2Sharmila Vanamali
D/o V. Karunakar
24Hno:25-40/5/3, Plot no:24, Srivenkatasai nilayam, NRSA Colony, Eastanand Bagh, Malkajgiri,Hyd-500047Employee