Sri. Dr. Ramakanth Reddy Malladi
M.Tech. , Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering,
with 28 years of teaching experience.



Director’s Message:

Welcome to all students, parents and teachers

In a world where knowledge and talent count so heaving, it is people – faculty, students and staff – who matter the most to the quality of a vital educational institutions.

The edifying and proficient benefits from choosing the right engineering college are tremendous. Highest number of private engineering colleges are emerging from our State i.e., Telangana. To grow in the relentless world we are emerging as a rising sun, which is the name of our College.

Students often network, research on the web, take opinion from the parents, relatives and close friends regarding the institution. We are in the process of growing the relationship with the educative world. We guide and give proper instruction to students to boost up in relentless world with an en lighting results.

You’ll find SAMSKRUTI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY is a lively institution offering a rich mixture of educational and cultural experience, large enough to provide the facilities a graduate needs to retain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our strengths encompass a broad range of courses, contributing in divers way to the needs of student community.

We strive to enhance the capabilities of our students in areas like independence of thought, judgment, creativity, motivation and use of information, thereby ensuring that they perform well and excel in their academic pursuits.

All the world over, debates are going on about Higher Education mainly in the context of changes and development taking place in science and technology, evoking economic order, political aspirations, growing needs of industry and commerce, newer trends in trade, all the leading to globalization. As a step towards this social change our college provides an adequate substratum for our students to enter the world of work as, creative and responsible citizens.

Always followed four set of success i.e., set a goal, work hard towards achieving it, acquire knowledge and persevere. We hope that they perpetuate the tradition for a fruitful tomorrow.

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