Samskruti College of Engineering and Technology encourages students to participate in Sports and Games giving importance to physical education as well as encouraging student’s interests. A professional physical director is appointed by the management to train students in their field of interest. All Infrastructure facilities for sports and Games are funded by the Samskruti College of Engineering and Technology Management. It encourages students by conducting special events annually that includes encouraging students by rewarding them through conducting tournaments etc.

Samskruti involved in the concentration of sports activities of the students and staff members, Students are encouraged to take part in various kinds of physical activities to keep their body and mind strong and alert. Samskruti has Seprate Sports Center inside the campus. Our students regularly participate in all sports competitions and bring credits to the institution.

Besides the academic activities Students would like together attention relieved and focused on fun and physique. Sports activities help the students to keep them fit both mentally and physically. Our sports complex is a marvel in itself boasting of cricket grounds, volley ball courts, basket ball courts, Throwball courts, kabaddi and athletic tracks. Another added facility is indoor sports complex with a fully equipped gym.

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