Central Library

spacious library in more than 10000 Sq.ft area has thousands of volumes & title which is more than stipulated by AICTE. The library subscribes international & national journals and has an access to scores of e-journals.

Central Library

S.No. Description Details
1.Total Area10,000sft
2.Seating Capacity240
3.Total No. of Volumes34133
4.Total No. of Titles4068
5.Total Number of Technical journals85
6.Number of Magazines15
7.Online Journals: Del Net,N-Digital,IEE
8.Average Number of Users Per day350
9. Total number of CD's1805


The Digital Library having 30 Computers connected on LAN allows browsing the Internet for Academic Purpose. The Library has IEL and Del Net,N-Digital ,IEEE online subscription through which one can access specialized bibliographic database of books and Journals. The media room of Digital Library also has 1805general educational CDs and 475 SONET CDs.

Library OPAC: Online Public Access Catalogue
Through this catalogue one can search the Library database to know the status of the Library Book. One can search this OPAC by entering the Name of the Title, Name of the Author, Call Number and Accession Number of the Book.

Department Libraries

In addition to the Central Library, every department has department library. All important text/reference books are maintained in the departmental libraries for the use of faculty and students

Book Bank Scheme
420 students opted for book bank scheme for the year 2008-12 which costs Rs 2500 for the entire course. This scheme runs on the premise that each student should posses at least one text book for each subject throughout his/her 4 years of study to go through the standard text books only to get more knowledge. Therefore Huge number of students are availing this facility.

Benefits to Students
A single, one-time payment ensures the availability of the best textbooks for each subject throughout his four years of study.

Books are handed over to the student at the college library.

The presence of textbooks improves the student’s academics and enhances the performance in internal and external examinations.