Administrative Staff Code of Conduct

* The management of the institution shall offer a free and fair environment for the development of faculty and students.

* Institution shall create an environment of participative management.

* Institution shall provide autonomy to faculty for execution of their academic responsibilities and also empower faculty with authority through deep delegation for decision-making according to the nature of the task and the competence of the faculty.

* Grievances of the faculty, if any, shall be brought to the notice and discussed with the head of the department who shall in-turn put up the same to the Principal for redressal.

* Should a faculty member not be satisfied with the response from the head of the department, they may approach the Principal directly for redressal of their grievance.

* Student grievance redressal is addressed through a separate process but ultimately converges to the above.

* The institution shall provide a free and fair environment for all faculty members/students to express their views and concerns and build in the them confidence and faith in the openness of the system.

* The institution believes in equity and justice for all and shall not encourage any form of caste or gender based discrimination or harassment either in recruitment or in treatment of employees and students.

* Encourage outstanding teaching, research and other professional activities.

* Refrain the students from engaging in behaviour in college premises that is inconsistent with their role as college leaders.

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