Student Code of Conduct

* He/she must be regular and must complete his/her studies in the college.

* All the students must uphold academic respect to all persons and their rights and property and safety of others etc.

* He/she must carry the identity card issued by the college.

* He/ she should not park a vehicle in a no parking zone.

* He/she is forbidden for smoking on the campus of the college.

* He/she should not indulge in any act of discrimination (physical or verbal conduct) based on an individual’s gender, caste, race, religion or religious beliefs, colour, region, language, disability, marital or family status, physical or mental disability, gender, identity, etc.

* He/she should not misbehave during any activity of the college.

* He/she should not indulge in any disruptive activity in a class room or in an event sponsored by the college.

* Cheating and copying during examinations are forbidden.

* All the students are informed that ragging is a crime. So they should not involve in any act of ragging such as use of spoken/written word or any act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness on any student.

* All the students are informed that they should not involve in the act of sexual harassment which encompass a range of conduct, including sexual assault, unwanted touching or persistent unwelcome comments, emails or pictures of an insulting or degrading sexual nature etc.

* Any student of the college aggrieved by any acts of sexual harassment or ragging can approach the student grievance redressal cell at the college.

* Any violation of the code of ethics by a student will be viewed very seriously. The disciplinary committee (DC) set up by the Principal apart from the Code of Conduct Adherance committee will inquire into and resolve all cases of violation of the code by students.

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